Turn contract management into strategic decisions with Power BI + Webdox

Webdox CLM and Power BI integration provides you with a comprehensive and interactive view of your contracts, connecting with your business for smart, real-time data-driven decision-making.


What is Power BI?

It is Microsoft's unified and scalable data analytics platform, known for offering interactive visualizations and advanced business intelligence (BI) capabilities. Its intuitive design allows end users to autonomously generate Power BI reports and dashboards, facilitating data-based analysis and decision-making.

Transform your data into actionable insights and take your contract management to the next level.

The Power BI connector allows you to elevate your contract management strategy by directly connecting it with your company's critical processes, such as purchasing, sales, and finance, optimizing efficiency and business growth.

Contract Tracking

By integrating Webdox with Power BI, you gain the ability to perform comprehensive tracking of contracts directly from Power BI, identifying the status of each by user, representing a significant step towards traceability from request to signature and document classification.


Trend Analysis

Begin the analysis of documents, classify by year, type of signature, area, etc. Use Power BI dashboards to obtain actionable insights that will help you display the percentage of contracts signed digitally and detect trends in process compliance.

Custom Reports

Generate detailed reports directly on the platform. Customize your analysis with specific reports, such as signatures by user, to identify bottlenecks in pending signatures, document classification, or reports for each department or need.


Analyze the Impact of Contracts in Various Areas

Explore the crucial role of each contract in achieving your business’ goals, identifying opportunities and risks in a timely manner:


Drive Your Business Success:  The Benefits of Integrating Power BI + Webdox

Thousands of users in companies across the region are already transforming their Contract Management with Webdox

With the Power BI connector, we have begun to generate statistics of our processes. Today, we have measured all the interactions in the contract drafting process, understanding how long we take in each one. We have moved from having conversations based on intentions to having conversations based on metrics and objectives, what has allowed us to improve all stages of the process.
Juan Luis Montes, Administration and Corporate Purchases Manager at Ripley
The Power BI connector implementation has revolutionized our ability to monitor the contracting process, from the initial request to the signing of the contract, significantly improving the management of relevant information to optimize internal processes.
Paulo Acuña, Purchasing and Contracting Manager at Ripley

You are one click away from changing the management of your contracts

Now that you know the powerful combination of Webdox CLM + Power BI, we invite you to request a demo. Explore its transformative capabilities and begin to maximize your contractual management.


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