The craftsmanship in contract management and the lack of standardization in this industry entail risks in the quality of the contractual content (which will allow inadequate interpretations of the business) and risks of forgetting commitments that can affect the prestige of companies in this sector. where customer service is essential.

The lack of integration of the sales processes in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, with the contractual processes generates crafts, disconnects the traceability of the process and generates risks in the precision of the contract content that will help to manage the business relationship.

Vendor contracts are disconnected from customer contracts, increasing the risk of missed deadlines / deliveries due to unforeseen dependencies, especially in situations where work is outsourced.

Quick and effective contract processes, always complying with the regulations.

What does Webdox solve?

It helps to standardize and automate contractual processes, favoring the reduction of times and promoting compliance, which will strongly favor relationships with clients.

Promotes real-time visibility of contracts with customers, suppliers and third parties.

It facilitates communication and promotes collaboration between departments and drives traceability and automation through integrations between CLM and CRM.

Boost, digitize and automate the monitoring of key contract data such as the next steps of creation, negotiation, signing, renewals, payments, contractual obligations, milestones, etc. through comprehensive and customizable dashboards

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