Legally valid, fast, and secure electronic signature

Streamline document signing processes in your business with our flexible e-signature  solution adaptable to your location and legal needs, and fully integrated with the Webdox CLM contract platform.


Say goodbye to handwritten signatures that generate legal risk and greater impact/costs of effort, time, and money

Without Webdox

Risk of alteration or loss of documents.

Difficulty in verifying the authenticity of signatures.

Lack of traceability, metrics and reporting.

Delays and inefficiencies in closing deals.

With Webdox

Cost savings related to paper: printing and sending contracts and physical documents.

Agility in internal coordination processes and obtaining faster signatures.

Signing contracts with business partners in a legally secure and understandable manner.

Easy and secure access to signed documents.

Experience the benefits of the electronic signature without leaving your contract management software


Electronic signature with uaranteed attribution, security, and integrity

Webdox CLM's electronic signature guarantees local validity, receiving favorable opinions from independent experts in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia.

Documents signed electronically by Webdox CLM are backed by a digital certificate from Digicert, a trusted authorized vendor recognized by Adobe Trust List, which ensures that the electronic document is recognized with a valid signature and easily identifiable with a green visa.

The electronic signature is initiated by email, ensuring the signer's authentication. In countries like Chile, identity verification is always active; and in Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, it can be activated as needed, using identity document data. All countries have an optional second authentication factor configurable, either by SMS and/or Google Authenticator.

Flexible and adaptable electronic signature for any type of contract and business

Design e-signature workflows tailored to your business needs.

Define the signers, type, and order of the signature.

Upload an unlimited number of documents for a single signing ceremony, whether in Word, PDF, or Excel. The Webdox subscription offers the possibility to do this with a limit of 64 MB, standing out in relation to other integrated providers that accept about 21 MB.

Set up signatures with sequential order or with signers added automatically.

Adjust the location of your signature according to your preferences.


Easy-to-use electronic signature for your team and customers

Establish the order of the subscriptions and allow Webdox to notify you of the time of the subscription.

Subscribe quickly, securely and from anywhere or on any device with our 100% adaptable solution.

Choose from different signature methods: with one click, drawing by hand, or by uploading a previously made signature.

Real-time tracking, auditing, and reporting 

Receive automatic notifications and track the subscription process in real time with Webdox, avoiding the need to manually check the status of subscriptions.

Take advantage of the audit trail that records all the details of the signing process: who, when, and where it was signed.

View real-time reports on the status of signatures and send reminders to signatories to expedite agreements.


The best electronic signature solution incorporated into a CLM platform in Latin America:

  • Certificate included
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  • Electronic signature in your country
  • firma-electronica-localidad-webdox-clm-en

    Guía Legal de Firma electrónica en Latinoamérica

    Conoce el panorama actual respecto a la legalidad, validez y uso de las firmas electrónicas en Latinoamérica. Consultar guía

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    With Webdox, we have a more efficient, agile and reliable digitization of processes

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    José Burmeister
    Director of Legal Affairs PUC

    Webdox has been a very flexible, easy-to-implement and user-friendly tool for us

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    Claudio Monasterio
    Legal Manager Telefónica Chile

     It is a tailor made platform completely adaptable to the company's internal processes

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    Anastassia Fagetti Arenas
    Legal Manager LOREAL CHILE

    With Webdox, we can permanently track the actual status of our contracts

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    Alejandro Berrios
    Legal Manager Walmart Chile

    Webdox helps us automate various operations that were done manually before

    Mauricio López
    Head Of Legal & Regulatory at Clara MX

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