Pre-established contract reports and real-time metrics on the contract lifecycle

With the Contract Management Dashboard, you'll gain a comprehensive view of performance in contract operations, team performance, and process efficiency visualization; crucial for decision-making and process optimization.


With the Dashboard, explore every detail of the contract operation.

Without Webdox

Lack of visibility
Detailed vision absence of contractual operations.

Low performance evaluation
Difficulty in evaluating team and contractual process performance.

Disconnection from key data
Lack of connection with critical data, affecting understanding and process improvement.

Difficulty in decision-making
Complexity in making strategic decisions, due to the scarcity of data for each process.

With Webdox

More informed decisions
Make decisions based on solid data and a deeper business understanding.

More efficient processes
Identify areas for improvement, optimizing operations and reducing costs.

Real-time visibility
Get a complete view, identifying patterns and opportunities for improvement.

Performance and improvement
Access constant monitoring, driving continuous improvement.

The Webdox Contract Management Dashboard allows absolute control of all contract data in real-time


Predefined views and a general summary of contracts

Easily access a variety of prepared views in the contract management dashboard and quickly obtain key information.

Get a complete view of contracts: in process, signed, expired, and other contract lifecycle metrics; facilitating the evaluation of contractual operational status.

Automatic contract management reporting and process visualization

Evaluate team performance in the contract process, analyzing contract report metrics, such as managed steps, average response time, and overall efficiency.

Analyze efficiency at each stage of the contractual process, identifying potential bottlenecks and improvement opportunities with visibility into specific panels.


Detailed exploration and data export

Dive into the details of each contract, exploring key dates, status, and more relevant information for a complete understanding.

Export contract reports and data in diverse formats like CSV or Excel, to share or use in other applications and get contract reports.

With the different contract reports, get complete traceability of your processes


Total requests

The report analyzes interactions in completed workflows by users. It provides crucial data for informed decisions and process improvement.



Analyzes workflows in terms of validated steps, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of processes in different areas of the organization.


Active steps

Provides a detailed view of active steps in workflows, allowing effective tracking and proactive management of ongoing processes.


Historical steps 

This report offers a complete view of validated steps in workflows over time, allowing a detailed analysis of the historical efficiency and effectiveness of processes.



Reports that provide a complete view of signature workflow, allowing effective tracking and evaluation of efficiency in legal document management.


Performance per user

Provides a detailed assessment of individual performance in workflow management, fundamental for resource allocation and performance improvement.


Workload per user

This report shows the amount of work assigned to each user, highlighting workload distribution and its management over time.


By step performance

Provides a clear view of each user's performance and highlights any delays in task completion. This allows the organization to make data-based decisions.



This report synthesizes relevant information about the status and compliance of contracts and documents, providing a comprehensive view for efficient legal documentation management.

Thousands companies’ users across the region are already transforming their Contract Management with Webdox

With Webdox we have a more efficient, agile and reliable process of digitisation.
Frame 22405-1
José Burmeister
Director of Legal Affairs PUC
Webdox has been a very flexible tool, easy to implement and use for us.
Frame 22408
Claudio Monasterio
Legal Manager Telefónica Chile
It is a "tailor made" platform fully adaptable to the company's internal processes.
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Anastassia Fagetti Arenas
Legal Manager LOREAL CHILE
With Webdox we can permanently track the actual status of our contracts.
Frame 22407
Alejandro Berrios
Legal Manager Walmart Chile
Webdox allows us to automate several operations that were previously done manually.
Mauricio López
Head Of Legal & Regulatory at Clara MX

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