The biggest challenge in the current real estate industry is to achieve the celebration of real estate purchase and sale promises to agilely engage buyers and hopefully in the most incipient way in the construction of a real estate project ("green sale")

Another challenge is efficiently managing hundreds or thousands of leases. Knowing the costs, performance and occupancy that are being met is another matter.

Effective contract management solutions for real estate can help you draft accurate contracts. It can also help reduce investor fears, meet regulatory requirements, and improve sales and results.

Replacing manual processes with automated digital technologies is the key.

What does Webdox solve?

Document generation processes integrated with electronic signature, which allows reducing signature times and streamlining the process.

Unlimited storage of documents with associated metadata, which allows the recognition of different relevant parameters of contracts as well as the notification of relevant milestones.

Use of matrices and automatic generation of documents, which provides certainty of the contents. Possibility of iterating in the document generation, which allows arriving, based on different versions, to the final document.

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