Repository of digital contracts, centralized and secure

Organize, view, and monitor all contracts in your organization in a centralized and secure repository, ensuring agile access to your legal documents, and guaranteeing efficient tracking and control of contract execution.


Never lose sight of the renewal or termination date of your contracts, stored in local and insecure folders

Without Webdox

Risks of loss or deterioration of printed contracts.

Vulnerability of access and control of sensitive information.

Disorganization and inefficiency in document retrieval.

Little or no visibility of dates or key milestones in your contracts.

With Webdox

Cloud storage with the highest security standards.

Access control and contract visibility based on rules.

Categorization and effective search of legal documents.

100% automated alerts and reminders.

Gain complete visibility and control of your contracts with the Webdox CLM document repository


Storage, classification, and secure and easy access to legal documents

Provides a centralized and secure repository for storing and classifying contracts and legal documents, offering a single source of accessible and reliable information for the legal department and other business areas.

Customize the classification of your contracts with tailored data structures and fields, perfectly adapting them to your company's needs. This provides a fully flexible and tailored contract organization for your company.

Configure access controls for your contracts and legal documents through roles and permissions, ensuring that each user only accesses relevant information according to their role in the organization.

Smart contract search in seconds

Streamline the search and get faster and more dynamic results

Thanks to our OCR (optical character recognition) technology, we extract contract content, simplifying the search and location of specific agreements through an integrated search system.

You can filter by keywords, suppliers/clients, start or end dates, contract value, and other specific criteria to obtain accurate and rapid results.


Automatic alerts and reminders for key milestones

Our system offers complete flexibility by allowing you to configure alerts for any type of deadline, making it easy to track obligations, deadlines, and renewals.

The simplicity of creating and linking alerts to custom date attributes provides a highly adaptable and accurate tracking experience for our users.

Emails for automated reminder notifications with customizable frequencies.

Document display with activated alerts and deadline expiration days.

The best contract repository solution integrated into a CLM platform in Latin America


Unlimited storage

Store the relevant files from your company's legal areas in our repository without worrying about storage limits.


Mass contract upload and classification

Our solution allows for mass uploading and classification of documents, facilitating the migration of all old contracts to a single database. This feature not only saves time but also resources, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free transition.


One-click contract list export

With a single click, access the list of uploaded and classified contracts in the repository, quickly obtaining the desired information. Additionally, you can download the list in Excel, making it easy for clients to keep a complete record of uploaded and pending documents.


The highest data security standards in the cloud

ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications ensure information security and privacy on our CLM platform. They guarantee a robust Information Security and Privacy Management System (ISMS/ISMS) that complies with international standards, protecting data on our web application and services.

Thousands companies’ users across the region are already transforming their Contract Management with Webdox

With Webdox we have a more efficient, agile and reliable process of digitisation.
Frame 22405-1
José Burmeister
Director of Legal Affairs PUC
Webdox has been a very flexible tool, easy to implement and use for us.
Frame 22408
Claudio Monasterio
Legal Manager Telefónica Chile
With Webdox electronic signature we reduced the signing time of our contracts by 90%.
Frame 22406
Brenda Vega
Resources Manager Loyola University MX
It is a "tailor made" platform fully adaptable to the company's internal processes.
Frame 22404
Anastassia Fagetti Arenas
Legal Manager LOREAL CHILE
With Webdox we can permanently track the actual status of our contracts.
Frame 22407
Alejandro Berrios
Legal Manager Walmart Chile
Webdox allows us to automate several operations that were previously done manually.
Mauricio López
Head Of Legal & Regulatory at Clara MX

Manage the lifecycle of your contracts from its beginning to end in a single platform.

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