A first major challenge is the lack of digitization and resilience of this industry. Construction companies are even hesitant to adopt electronic signatures based on disbelief, unpreparedness, ignorance, or the "no time" myth. These types of companies must consider the benefits that technology has in modern construction workflows, which are very demanding in terms of contracts.

This makes it difficult to create, validate and operate a fair contract. The standardization of processes and contractual content, added to a correct administration and traceability of the process, help to reduce this asymmetry.

The non-standardization of creation, lack of traceability and validation in construction contracts and subcontracts. Up to this point, the construction industry has relied heavily on handshake or email deals. The failure of these processes has left companies exposed to cumbersome litigation and accusations of not following plans, specifications or agreements.

The lack of protocolization and systematization of the contractual processes, for the contractual control tasks after the signature.

Modern construction professionals are faced with tight schedules and much greater complexity where mistakes can cost dearly. The processes surrounding negotiations and administration in contracts with suppliers and subcontractors and requests for information or updating them may affect these already reduced deadlines.

Improving workflow by identifying, understanding and applying new technologies.

What does Webdox solve?

Standardize contracts with subcontractors, suppliers and people, achieving agility and compliance.

Drastically reduces the time of hiring subcontractors and suppliers, reducing signing times by more than 90%.

Promotes visibility and traceability of the status of contracts with subcontractors, suppliers and people. It provides a high level of visibility on the contract, its annexes and related documentation, helping to thoroughly understand the business relationship and its different evolutions.

Helps to optimize the tracking and verification of the level of contractual compliance with suppliers, people and subcontractors and to avoid fines for non-compliance, potential litigation or loss of reputation

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