Efficient and Secure Automated Workflows

Streamline your contractual processes with automated workflows that ensure timely involvement of all parties, ensure compliance, and expedite response times for each stage of your contracts.

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cost saved compared to manual review
cost saved compared to manual review
cost saved compared to manual review

Bid farewell to the bottlenecks generated by manual and non-standardized contractual processes

Without Webdox

Legal area congestion due to excessive operational tasks

Limited process traceability and visibility

Lack of standardized contracts leading to risks

Absence of metrics and process reports

With Webdox

Contractual process control with visibility and monitoring

Task automation leading to resource and time savings

Contractual quality and document compliance

Enhanced compliance and operational efficiency

Optimize, simplify, and reduce risks with Webdox CLM's customizable workflows


Tailor workflows to your business needs

Design business processes using the visual workflow builder, intuitively and without code

Create standardized workflows for each business process, defining specific goals, rules, and responsible parties for each stage of contract flow.

Set response times for each workflow step and enable automatic notifications for collaborators or teams involved.


Foster internal and external collaboration

Enable all involved parties in the contractual process to communicate swiftly and transparently.

Facilitate targeted queries to individual users and allow chat communication within the platform.

Invite counterparts to collaborate in the contractual process through our Collaboration Portal with third parties.


Ensure constant control over your documents

Maintain a detailed record of changes made at any contract stage and access the most recent or earlier versions of each document.

Gain complete visibility into the status and progress of processes and documents through the Workflows section's main control panel.

Access the history of actions and participants in each of the configured process steps.

Configure workflows to:
  • Create contracts
  • webdox-clm-workflows-for-creation
  • Review and collaborate
  • webdox-clm-workflows-for-review
  • Approve
  • webdox-clm-workflows-for-approval
  • Send for signing
  • webdox-clm-workflows-for-signature

    Thousands companies’ users across the region are already transforming their Contract Management with Webdox

    With Webdox we have a more efficient, agile and reliable process of digitisation.
    Frame 22405-1
    José Burmeister
    Director of Legal Affairs PUC
    Webdox has been a very flexible tool, easy to implement and use for us.
    Frame 22408
    Claudio Monasterio
    Legal Manager Telefónica Chile
    With Webdox electronic signature we reduced the signing time of our contracts by 90%.
    Frame 22406
    Brenda Vega
    Resources Manager Loyola University MX
    It is a "tailor made" platform fully adaptable to the company's internal processes.
    Frame 22404
    Anastassia Fagetti Arenas
    Legal Manager LOREAL CHILE
    With Webdox we can permanently track the actual status of our contracts.
    Frame 22407
    Alejandro Berrios
    Legal Manager Walmart Chile
    Webdox allows us to automate several operations that were previously done manually.
    Mauricio López
    Head Of Legal & Regulatory at Clara MX

    Manage the lifecycle of your contracts from its beginning to end in a single platform.

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