The onboarding of suppliers, channels and customers is fragmented and not standardized, making it difficult to comply with strict supplier regulations.

Lack of automation in contract creation, data mining and execution reduces overall visibility and efficiency by responding quickly to market events or regulatory requirements

Risk departments do not have adequate control over variations in credit and risk thresholds enshrined in contracts due to isolated and incoherent forms of contracting.

Manual contract management processes, which are labor intensive, do not allow negotiated terms to automatically flow into companies' financial systems, hurting productivity and exposing companies to errors.

The contract is the right way to interact.

What does Webdox solve?

Unitary and massive generation of contracts using matrices previously validated and loaded. Automatic generation of contracts by filling in fields, avoiding manual interaction in the preparation of documents.

Possibility of generating flexible processes, with different responsibilities associated with them.

Standardized processes with automatic document generation, which reduces the manual interaction of those involved.

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