In the retail industry, purchase contracts are very high in volume and critical to the business, and both direct and indirect acquisition contracts lack the visibility necessary to promote agile and informed negotiations, which also ensure good profit margins.

Collaboration with third parties to ensure compliance with their contractual commitments, such as reporting and claim initiation, is slow, resulting in a lack of agility in responding to market demands.

In the retail industry, suppliers, which are critical to the business, are managed in relation to budgets in financial and accounting management software (ERP). These resources are highly connected to contracts and the connection of ERP systems and those that manage contracts, will deliver key traceability for the business.

The contract is the winning factor within the Retail competitiveness.

What does Webdox solve?

Unitary and massive generation of contracts using matrices previously validated and loaded. Process dashboard to make processes globally visible.

Document versioning, with the possibility of using versions sent by third parties.

Possibility of integration with different systems, both for sending as well as for receiving information.

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