Centralize communication through our Collaboration Platform

Consolidate and simplify communication with your counterpart during contract negotiations. Centralize the review, request, and approval of documents, streamlining your workflows.

cost saved compared to manual review
cost saved compared to manual review
cost saved compared to manual review

Optimize your processes with unlimited collaboration with the counterpart

Without Webdox

Lack of communication and documents scattered across multiple platforms hinder effective management.

Using email/WhatsApp increases the risk of loss or misinterpretation.

Recording conversations, revisions, and approvals is complicated.

Requesting documents from counterparts is slow and prone to being forgotten.

With Webdox

A unified platform facilitates efficient access and communication between parties.

Greater transparency and traceability make it easier to follow interactions and revisions.

Collaborating with third parties speeds up decisions and processes effectively.

Reduces errors and risks associated with lack of communication, improving quality and accuracy.

Enhance your contract negotiation management with our Third-Party Collaboration Platform


Speed up the contractual process with the counterpart

Co-create contracts with active participation from counterparts, centralizing and streamlining the process.

Invite to review and approve documents from the operational core, simplifying and accelerating collaboration.

Streamline communication for effective and transparent negotiation, with an activity history that records all actions during the negotiation. 
Edit documents online integrated with Word, simplifying the request for customized documents and ensuring accurate and timely collection. 

Efficiency in document approval

Simplify the contract approval process by integrating it directly into your workflows in Webdox. 

Record approvals and rejections easily, maintaining a clear and accessible history over time.

Simplify the recording of contract approvals by third parties, ensuring agility and transparency in your contractual processes. 
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Request and upload of background documents

Request documents directly from the counterpart via Webdox, avoiding long email chains and manual uploads. 
Set up document request templates for third parties for efficient and recurring management of your requests. 
Speed up the document request process with predefined listings, facilitating collaboration with the counterpart, ensuring swift execution of background requests. 

Secure collaboration space for counterparts

The counterpart gets a private and secure space, separate from Webdox, designed exclusively for collaboration.

Maintains a detailed record of all collaboration processes, ensuring transparency and traceability in your interactions.

Facilitates communication and collaboration, providing an intuitive and easy-to-use environment to work together on your projects.

Thousands companies’ users across the region are already transforming their Contract Management with Webdox

With Webdox we have a more efficient, agile and reliable process of digitisation.
Frame 22405-1
José Burmeister
Director of Legal Affairs PUC
Webdox has been a very flexible tool, easy to implement and use for us.
Frame 22408
Claudio Monasterio
Legal Manager Telefónica Chile
With Webdox electronic signature we reduced the signing time of our contracts by 90%.
Frame 22406
Brenda Vega
Resources Manager Loyola University MX
It is a "tailor made" platform fully adaptable to the company's internal processes.
Frame 22404
Anastassia Fagetti Arenas
Legal Manager LOREAL CHILE
With Webdox we can permanently track the actual status of our contracts.
Frame 22407
Alejandro Berrios
Legal Manager Walmart Chile
Webdox allows us to automate several operations that were previously done manually.
Mauricio López
Head Of Legal & Regulatory at Clara MX

Manage the lifecycle of your contracts from its beginning to end in a single platform.

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