Lack of visibility into complex contract operations impedes efforts to optimize procurement and infrastructure asset management performance, drive energy savings, and control costs.

The complexity linked to the high regulations of this industry implies that the creation, negotiation and approval of the associated contracts involve all the relevant actors of the organization, and with this avoid subsequent financial risks due to non-compliance.

Relations between clients and suppliers are governed by strict but complex framework agreements, which increases the risk of non-compliance with obligations.

Legacy systems and operational inefficiencies slow down business and cause leaks.

Process fragmentation and lack of integration between contract management systems and other business systems mean that conditions negotiated during the sales cycle are not included in the final contract.

The key to the correct use of regulations is in the contracts.

What does Webdox solve?

Possibility of generating flexible processes, with different responsibilities associated with them.

Ability to associate metadata and alerts to documents, which can notify of relevant milestones for all documents.

Intuitive and easy to use system. Users using the system in a short time.

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