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At Webdox we offer a comprehensive solution for the digital transformation of contracts in companies. We also offer additional services aimed at guiding our customers through Webdox to ensure they get the maximum benefit from our software.
Process Consultation
Process Consultation
The digital transformation of contracts requires a cultural change in order to ensure the success of a technological implementation. At Webdox we take on the task of understanding the particular context of the company so that we can build contract management processes that are consistent, and that make a real contribution in all areas of the company.
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We provide personalized training to all users to ensure the effective learning of the fundamental aspects of our software. We are convinced that our users learn best in a hands-on situation very similar to what the actual use of the platform will be, in order to facilitate the complete adoption of the system.
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Digitization and Document Load

We have partners that specialize in digitalization. Our partners are responsible for converting your contracts from paper to digital and then transferring that information to our software. Once the information is on the platform, you can search for any word in any of the contracts in seconds.

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